Friday, February 17, 2006

Stinky Numnums are MINE

In the mornings, the Mom splits up a half a can of stinky numnums between me and the Annoying One. On most mornings, he stays on his side of the counter and leaves me alone. That I can live with. The past couple of mornings, though, he finishes his food first and then starts going after mine. Nuh-uh. You'd think that the huge thwap I gave him upside the head would've gotten the message across, but noooo...I swear that cat is as dumb as Loki. I mean, I hissed, thwaped, growled, thwaped again, but he still tries to take my food. Finally, the Mom who is somewhere off in her own little world realizes what the Annoying One is doing and kicks him off the counter. Hmmm....maybe if I hit him hard enough he'll go flying off the counter. I got to remember that one.

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Bonnie Underfoot said...

Go for it. It can't hurt. I have the same trouble with the stoopid cowcat, Victor. He has his OWN dish, but wants MINE. How many times do I have to tell him?