Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why I Blog?

DaisyMae Maus has tagged me. So I must give five reasons why I blog. Hmmm. Good question.
  1. I need a place to vent about the Brats and the Humans.
  2. I like to share my opinions with the world about various things.
  3. To put up embarrassing photos of the Brats for the whole world to see.
  4. To tell the Mom that I'm really the one in charge of the house, not her.
  5. To meet like-minded kitties who can understand me and my need to thwap the Annoying One.

As usual, it looks like I'm the last one to do this so I'm tagging anybody who hasn't done it yet.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Mom is Losing It

I was just lying around enjoying a sunbeam when I got the urge to do some surfing on the 'net. Yes, we cats do this. We just don't do it when you can see us.

Anyways, I decided to drop by the Mom's blog to see if she even noticed my complaints about the lack of Stinky Goodness. Instead of that, I find her raving about this coffee stuff. She calls it "ambrosia." Blech.

What is it with humans and coffee? I tried it once when I was a kitten and that stuff is just plain nasty. It's bitter, it's brown, and it stinks (and I mean bad stinky, not Stinky Goodness stinky). When I was growing up, my big brother Xanadu used to love taking sips of the Mom's coffee. Ugh. Taking bites out of cheese, stealing deli meat, heck...even eating an occasional marshmellow is acceptable behavior for a cat. Sips of coffee? Eww. I do not understand the desire factor behind that. Then again, Xanadu wasn't the smartest cat in the barn if you know what I mean.

Oh...I am working on training the Dad. Unfortunately, he is quite stubborn. When I yowl at him for Stinky Goodness he just laughs and thinks it's cute. Cute? Bah. I am not cute.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Grumpy Mom

I may hold the title of "Grumpiest in the House," but the Mom is getting awfully close. All she has been doing the past week or so is walk around the house grumbling.

According to the Mom, she is burned out. It is mid-terms at one of her colleges so she is swamped by term papers and tests that need to be graded on top of all her lesson plans. What's worse is that the two colleges she teaches at don't have spring break at the same time so she doesn't get a real vacation. Boo hoo. She's the one who took all the jobs in the first place. What does she expect?

Is all this MY fault? No. All I do know is that my Stinky Goodness has been coming later and later on the weekends and she is too busy to give me pets. She shouldn't be taking out her grumpiness on me. At least when I'm grumpy, I take it out on those who made me grumpy in the first place, like the Brats. Hmph.

Maybe I'll go and lie down with the Dad for a little while. At least he's not grumpy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sateen Goodness

The Mom and Dad got some sateen sheets for me (she claims it was for them but I know the truth). Since today is the first day of spring, she thought it would be a nice time to put these sheets on the bed. It was different and a nice treat. Here's a picture of me enjoying them.

OK, can you now put the flannel sheets back on the bed? It's still cold out and I need my flannel goodness.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Isn't It Spring Yet?

The Mom was home all day yesterday which I thought was unusual for a Friday. I figured her school must have given her a holiday or something. When I asked her, she said the school was closed because of a big snow storm coming. Snow? But it was like 70 degrees out just a couple of days ago! Heck, the Mom opened up all the windows and was wearing shorts. How could we be getting snow?

Unfortunately, she was right. Later that afternoon when I looked out the window, it was snowing! I'm not talking about some flurries here but a full fledged storm! What the...? Then, when I got up this morning, everything was white. According to the Mom, we got 10" of snow. I watched her and the Dad spent like an hour digging out their cars. That was a lot of snow.

So what happened to the really nice weather we had earlier in the week? Is Mother Nature playing mind games with us? I mean, it was really nice. I got to enjoy an open window and a nice sunbeam. Life doesn't get better than that, right? The Mom said that spring is just around corner but I wish it would just get here. I'm sick of the snow and cold and the Annoying One trying to curl up with me every darn night.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Photos

Not really in the mood to write so I'll share some photos...

Fizzy in a box

The Annoying One with Boo. At least he's not trying to sleep next to me any more.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Limmerick About Me!

Karen Jo, over at Kitty Limericks, wrote a limerick about me! I feel honored as the limerick does fit me well. Here it is:

What makes Ayla such a grump?
She wants to give the Brats a thump.
They grab the best places,
All the nice warm spaces.
It's enough to make anyone grump.

And see...she doesn't say I'm spunky.

Thanks Karen Jo!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Am NOT Spunky

I don't care what the Mom says. "Spunky" is not a word that should be used to describe me. I am not spunky. Grumpy? Yes. Snarky? Of course. Spunky? No friggin' way.

Just because I am spending time in all the other rooms besides the bedroom does not change my personality. Is it my fault that the new house is so big that I don't have to worry about crossing the paths of any of the Brats? That I can finally reclaim my spot on the couch again? That I'm demanding access to the bathroom so I can drink out of the sink again?

This does not make me spunky. It just means I'm back to my old self.

Spunky? Bah.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Shoes are a Bad Thing

The Mom is still gimping around. Her ankle is getting better, but her v-e-t decided to put acid on her other foot and scrape away at it with a knife for some strange bizarre reason. Boy, I thought my v-e-t was bad. At least she only pokes me with a needle.

Personally, I think the biggest problem with humans is that they wear shoes. Some of the Mom's shoes look like nasty torture devices. And she wonders why she has problems with her feet! Geeze. Doesn't take a kitty Einstein to figure that one out. Just stop wearing shoes. Look at us kitties. We don't wear shoes and we rarely, if ever, have problems with our pitties. Mine are healthy, soft, and a nice shade of pink. You don't see me going to a v-e-t to get scraped. If only the humans would listen to us more.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Loki is really scared by the sound of a flushing toilet.

Do I need to say more?

P.S. The Mom wants to let you know that she has a new blog up and running which she claims she's going to keep up-to-date. Ya right. I'll believe it when I see it. Anyways, here's the link:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

All About Me

Since Beau decided to tag me, I guess I should fill out this meme. I don't know why you would want to know this stuff about me, but I'll do it.

A) Four places I have lived:

  1. A really tiny apartment in New Paltz, NY
  2. A slightly bigger apartment in Binghamton, NY
  3. Another teeny apartment in Montclair, NJ
  4. A townhouse somewhere out in the boonies with the Humans
B) Four things I love to watch:

  1. Birds
  2. TV
  3. Any type of bug
  4. My food being poured into a bowl

C) Four places I have been outside my home:

  1. Cape Cod
  2. Chappaqua, NY (where the Mom's parents used to live)
  3. Outside our apartment one time that I fell out the window (long time ago)
  4. Too many V-E-Ts to count

D) Four websites I visit daily:

  1. Gmail (email)
  2. Any of the cat blogs on my blogroll
  3. Official Stinky Goodness website
  4. Any website that could tell me how to get rid of the Annoying One

E) Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Stinky Goodness
  2. Cheese
  3. Ham
  4. Did I mention cheese?

F) Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. Any place without the Brats
  2. Any place free of the Annoying One
  3. Any place that has unlimited supplies of Stinky Goodness
  4. Any place that has unlimited supplies of cheese

G)Four toys I have owned and played with:

  1. Anything with catnip
  2. The Annoying One's head (didn't own it...thwapped it quite a bit though)
  3. Feather balls
  4. Did I mention anything with catnip?

H) Four nicknames my family have called me:

  1. Fuzzy
  2. Ayla-Fuzzy
  3. Grumpy Girl
  4. Stop Chewing the Plastic Bags!

I) Regarding Catnip:

  1. Love it! (duh...stupid question)
  2. It's nice
  3. Could take it or leave it
  4. Don't like it or can't have it

J) Regarding Cat Grass:

  1. Love it
  2. It's nice
  3. Could take it or leave it
  4. Don't like it or can't have it

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:

  1. Buy another house for the humans that only I would be allowed in
  2. Lots of Stinky Goodness
  3. Lots of nip
  4. Lots of cheese

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:

  1. Blog...duh
  2. Thwap the Annoying One
  3. Thwap the rest of the Brats
  4. Yowl at the Mom to feed me

M) Four things I want to do this summer:

  1. Sleep
  2. Thwap the Annoying One
  3. Find a nice warm sun beam to curl up in
  4. Eat lots of Stinky Goodness

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:

  1. My's mine dammit
  2. The laundry basket
  3. The Mom's pillow
  4. Any cheese in the house

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:

  1. Thwap the Annoying One at least twice
  2. Yowl at the Mom
  3. Sleep lots
  4. Eat Stinky Goodness

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?

  1. The closet
  2. In the laundry
  3. On the Mom's chair (she keeps it pushed in so you can't see me unless you pull the chair out)
  4. Wait....I don't really hide or play. Never mind.

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:

  1. The Brats. That's eight too many

R) Four furiends I tag to respond:

  1. Anybody who hasn't been tagged yet