Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Laundry Basket is MINE

I am really mad at the Brats again (what else is new?). It is bad enough that one of the kitten Brats, Loki, has taken MY spot at the top of the cat tree. Now, they are trying to take MY spot on the Mom's pillow. I fight over it when I get there first, but it's hard trying to move the big, fat 15 pound Maine Coon off of it.

At least I have the laundry basket, though the other kitten Brat, Monkee, keeps trying to take it from me. I am sorry but NO ONE will take the laundry basket away from me. That is definitely MY spot. It's nice and stinky and smells like the Mom and the Dad. Good smells. I'm not going to have it contaminated by any of the Brats. If they try, I'll give them each a good smack upside the head.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I am NOT happy

Last night, I was nice and comfy in the big sleepy spot when the Mom and the Dad come into the room and move me off of the Mom's pillow. They had these weird pillows that are vertical instead of horizontal so they could sit on the sleepy spot with their backs against the wall. It didn't look very comfortable to me but what was really bad was that my sleepy spot was gone! I tried to sleep on top of the weird pillows but there wasn't room and the Mom kept picking me up off of there and moving me to the foot of the sleepy spot. They spent all evening that way! How rude!

Finally, around midnight, they removed the weird pillows and put the normal ones back. I was positive that this was all the Dad's fault. He always comes up with weird ideas and brings change. I got him back though. I spent the entire night on HIS pillow, kicking him off of it. So there!

Monday, October 24, 2005

New Sleepy Spot

The Mom got a new big sleepy spot for us. It's nice and comfy and all, but it's not as big as the old sleepy spot. This means that the Brats will be closer to me than I want.

I made sure to get my spot as soon as the sleepy spot was brought in. The Mom's pillow is the spot for the top cat and I made it mine the minute she put hers down on the sleepy spot. There is no way I'm letting any of the Brats have it.

I was a bit worried at first that we were moving again. The Mom and Dad got up really early and took everything out of the bedroom and took the old sleepy spot apart. Then they locked up all the Brats in the other bedroom. That was a sure sign that something big was up. I've been through seven moves in my life so I was kind of pissed off that we would be forced to go through another one. Thankfully, I wasn't put through that again.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Dad is Sick

Today the Dad wasn't feeling too good. I could tell because he spent most of the day in the really big sleepy spot. I don't mind sharing the big sleepy spot with him. He stays in one spot and doesn't bother me for the most part, plus he knows to give me pets so he is allowed to join me.

However, most of the Brats decided to infringe upon our space in the big sleepy spot. They just come in to suck up all the attention away from me. I'm the Dad's "comfy cat" and the only one deserving of his attention. One of the younger Brats decided to sleep on his chest, which only I can do. The nerve! At least the Dad was smart enough to focus his attention on me and not the Brats. This is why I like this human. Otherwise, I would have to smack him upside the head.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The V-E-T

Yesterday, I was forced to go to the V-E-T. I don't know why the Mom feels the need to whipser it when she mentions it. She knows I'm deaf. Well, I'm not actually deaf. I am just very selective of what I hear. There is a difference.

The V-E-T lady did her usually poking and prodding and gave me some nasty pinches. She also took some of my blood. Supposedly the humans are worried that I've lost too much weight. Well, I would eat more if the Brats weren't constantly stealing my food. According to the Mom, they couldn't find anything conclusive so the V-E-T lady said to come back in another month for a checkup. As I said, give me more of the good stinky food and I'll gain weight in no time. Just keep the Brats away from my food.

The Mom does seem to be worried about me. I'm not going to worry though. I've been through worse. At one point, the V-E-T removed my...I think the humans called it a "spleen"...a long time ago when I was feeling really ill. This time I'm not feeling that bad. What would make me feel better is to be away from the Brats for a couple of hours, which going to the V-E-T did.

What was more traumatic than being poked was being put in the plastic box with one of the younger Brats, Fizzy. I showed her by hissing at her and forcing her to stay in the back of the plastic box. I wanted the view and I wasn't going to give it up to her.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's Me


Mom finally got off the computer and I can use it. It's about time. All she does is sit at the ugly piece of plastic for hours at a time when she should be petting me or chasing away all the Brats from my sleepy place.

The other day, Mom showed me these blogs where other cats talk about their lives. Well, they aren't the only ones that can do it. I need a way to vent anyways. The humans in my life are bad enough. However, the Mom decided to force me to live with seven Brats, who torment me day and night. Bah.

I guess I should write a bit about myself. I'm 15 years old and I think I still look pretty good for my age. I would look better if I just had the humans pampering me rather than the additional Brats. Why Mom felt the need to get more cats is beyond me. One would be bad enough but she had to get seven! At least the other human, whom I'm forced to call Dad, isn't too bad. He at least pets me and gives me treats. All the Brats do are chase me around, wake me up, and eat my food.