Monday, May 22, 2006

Well this sucks

The Mom has decided that Frankie, the newest Brat, is going to have Stinky Goodness with me and the Annoying One. She said that he doesn't have many teeth left so he needs the softer food. Bah. You know what this means? I've got to fight another cat for MY Stinky Goodness. This big doof is just as bad as the Brats. The minute he's done scarfing down his food, he sticks his nose in my bowl trying to eat my food! I did thwap him a couple of times to get the point across, but no.... Bah. I yearn for the day that I have the Stinky Goodness all to myself.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Photos of the Mom's Graduation

The Mom wants me to post up some photos of her graduation, so here they are:

This is the Dad and the Mom

The Mom with her silly mortar-board thingie.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thank you!

The Mom decided on the "Another Degree, Another Loan to Pay" for her mortar board. She asked me to thank all of you for the really great ideas that made her decision even harder.

Last night she had an awards ceremony because she received an academic award in animation. I asked her if she got any Stinky Goodness out of it but she said all she got was a bad dinner and a stupid piece of paper. And she got all dressed up for that? Bah.

Today is her graduation. The Mom doesn't seem to happy about it. I think her depression is acting up 'cause I know she was jumping up for joy when she got her silly black robe and hat. She says it's 'cause she doesn't like the crowds and it may rain today, which would mean everybody would be jammed up in the gym. Hundreds of smelly humans in an already smelly place? I wouldn't want to go either. She should just stay home and give me pets. Ya, that's it. Then we'll both thwap the Annoying One. That always makes me feel better. Hmmm...maybe I'll go do that now.

::prances away to thwap the Annoying One::

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Need some ideas...

The Mom is graduating from college...again...on Friday. I say again 'cause this is her third degree. She seems to be collecting those as well as cats. Anyways, she has decided to be silly and write something on her cap. She's a little up in the air as to what she wants to do so she asked for my help. Personally I would just write "Give me Stinky Goodness" on it but she said nobody would understand that.

The degree she's getting is in Computer Animation. Here are her thoughts so far:
  • A Dream Come True
  • Another Degree, Another Loan to Pay
  • w00t (whatever that means)
  • 4 teh win!
  • You can never have too many degrees
  • Professional Student on board
  • So much time, so little to do

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any other suggestions.

P.S. The Mom corrected me saying that she's going to paint this on the mortar board part of her cap. Supposedly this is some stupid tradition that goes back to when she got her first degree.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Brat?!!!

Oh lord help me. The Mom and Dad came home with yet another Brat. Like we need any more? The Mom explained that the ladies who gave us our Maine Coons were moving and needed to find homes for their older cats. The one they wanted us to have is Moose's brother, Frankie. Now normally I would have to poop on both their pillows, but I really liked Moose and I miss him dearly. Maybe this Brat won't be too bad if he's anything like Moose. Also, he's 10 years old so I really don't have to worry about kitten antics with him.

So welcome Frankie to our ever expanding family...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Knew it was too good to last...

Well, the Annoying One is back to his old antics. I knew it wouldn't last long enough.

Now, you guys need to know something: I wasn't mean to Kukai in any way shape or form. I've had dental work done myself so I know how yucky it can be. Also, he truly wasn't suffering since the Mom made sure that he had some good pain killers. But just because he was miserable, it didn't mean I had to be miserable as well. While he was cowering in the living room, I was prancing around the house, enjoying my freedom. I didn't have to worry about him pouncing on me or trying to steal my food. It was pure bliss.

And it lasted one whole day.

Now, he's even WORSE than he was before. I don't know what the V-E-T did to him but he's happier now and even more annoying. Yes, it is possible. Bah. He's more vocal and he's doing his little rabbit hopping imitations all over the place. Plus, he's taking my spots again. Double bah. The Mom is estatic, saying that his teeth must have been really bothering him before they were removed. She also said the $1,000 she paid for his dental work--the V-E-T's around here aren't just evil but expensive as well--was well worth the money. She should speak for herself.

And of course, the Mom had to take a picture of the two of us. She said it was a "rare moment in history" because we weren't whapping each other.

Oh, and it gets worse...but that's another story for another day. I'm going to hide in the closet for a bit.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Poor Kukai - NOT

Yesterday, the Mom took the Annoying One to the V-E-T. When he came back, we found out that he not only had his teeth cleaned but also had seven teeth removed! Even though the Mom made sure to get pain meds for him, he really is miserable.

What does this mean for me? Happy days! Whooohooo! The Annoying One is going to leave me alone and I'll have my pillow all to myself. *does a little happy dance* A girl knows when to take advantage of a situation.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Why do humans torture themselves so?

You would think that after all the hell the Mom put herself through with school these last few months she would take a break. That would be smart, right? Well, the Mom is being stupid again. This time, she stopped taking her sleepie medication. She has this weird thing called insomnia which means she can't sleep. Thankfully us cats don't have that problem, eh? So her human V-E-T gives her this special sleepie medication to help her. She takes it every night but she says that after a while it stops working so she has to not take it for a few days for it to work again. Unfortunately, this means that she doesn't sleep for those few days and she gets really forgetful and cranky.

The last time the Mom did this, she forgot to give me my Stinky Goodness a couple of times. This time, I'm making sure she doesn't do that again. The minute she wakes up, I'm in the kitchen reminding her very loudly to feed me my Stinky Goodness. The Annoying One is helping as well as he's even louder than me. There is no way that she could miss our reminders.

P.S. Thanks to all of you who commented in my last post. It was nice to be reminded that I do have a lot of friends out there. Just don't tell anybody I told you that. I have a reputation to keep.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Goodbye Sweet Friend

Today I just found out that sweet Norton has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I didn't know him very well but from what I've read about him, he was a great cat and an even greater friend. You will be missed sweetie.

It's always so sad to read about friends passing. I lost my best friend so long ago. His name was Xanadu. He was a big dumb tabby but had a heart of gold. When the Mom brought me home as a tiny sick kitten, he took care of me, keeping me warm and protecting me from Boo Boo. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 1998. Then, my other friend Moose passed away last year. People wonder why I'm so darn grumpy. I've lost all the good friends I've had in my life.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where have I been?

Ah yes, I've heard that some of you have been worried about me since I haven't written in so long. Thank you for your concern but I'm just fine. If you're going to yell at anyone, yell at the Mom.

For the past month, she has been hogging the computer doing her animation and rendering, whatever the heck that is. I say "it would be nice if you let me use the computer every once in a while" and she just ignores me. I then say "it would be nice if you let me get my own computer" and she just laughs. She laughs. Bah. She did say that the semester ends today for her so I can use the computer as much as I want now 'cause she's sick of seeing it. Well if you're so sick of it, why don't you just give it to me? She laughed again.

Is there some sort of joke I missed?