Monday, April 30, 2007

Ceiling Fans are Evil

In our new house, the big sleepy room has a ceiling fan in it. Of course, I just learned what the heck a ceiling fan is.

You see, for the first couple of months we've lived there, it just was a fixture attached to the ceiling with lights on it. I just figured it was another light, right? Well, now that the weather is getting warmer (finally!) it's been moving a lot. Round and round and round. It wouldn't be so bad except that it's right over the bed. I mean, who knows what kind of damage that thing could do if it fell off the ceiling, right? And here I am, trying to sleep but that stupid thing just hovers right over me going round and round and round.

Bah. I'm going to sleep in the laundry basket instead. At least nothing is going to fall on my head there except for clothes. No evil spinny thingies in there.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Yes, I'm ok

Just wanted to give an update. Yes, I'm ok. I've been busy helping the Mom with her grading. The poor thing is really starting to lose her mind. From what she's read to me of the tests and stuffs, her students are kind of dumb. I mean dumb for humans. Some of them are smart, but it seems most of them couldn't tell a hairball from a hairbrush.

I should be blogging more in the next week or so.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rainy Day Blues

It's raining and all miserable outside today. The Mom said "April showers bring May flowers." Bah. Who cares about flowers? It's cold. It's wet. Everything hurts. And she's thinking about flowers? Double bah.

At least she's suffering too. I know she's got bad joints that hurt really bad in wet weather. Also, she has allergies and they've been acting up. She said that it feels like she's got a football stuffed in her sinus cavities. I just wonder how she can act all cheerful on such a miserable day. Maybe it's that coffee stuff. There's got to be some good benefit to that nasty sludge.

Anywho, to try to cheer myself up--ya right--I'm posting up a picture of me lounging in the sun from yesterday. Oh why couldn't it be this nice today?

Now I'm going to crawl into the nice laundry basket inside the closet where it's nice and warm and cozy. The Brats better leave me alone today 'cause I'm in a mood for a good thwapping.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Pheasants, Turkeys and Bears...Oh My!

The Mom was driving to school the other day when she saw a wild pheasant just walking along the side of the road. Then, a few miles up farther, she saw not just one but a whole flock o' wild turkeys! She told me that she has seen quite a few of the wild turkeys but she hadn't seen a pheasant before.


P.S. We haven't seen any bears yet but the season for them is coming up. Hopefully they won't try to steal my Stinky Goodness.