Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I am NOT happy

Last night, I was nice and comfy in the big sleepy spot when the Mom and the Dad come into the room and move me off of the Mom's pillow. They had these weird pillows that are vertical instead of horizontal so they could sit on the sleepy spot with their backs against the wall. It didn't look very comfortable to me but what was really bad was that my sleepy spot was gone! I tried to sleep on top of the weird pillows but there wasn't room and the Mom kept picking me up off of there and moving me to the foot of the sleepy spot. They spent all evening that way! How rude!

Finally, around midnight, they removed the weird pillows and put the normal ones back. I was positive that this was all the Dad's fault. He always comes up with weird ideas and brings change. I got him back though. I spent the entire night on HIS pillow, kicking him off of it. So there!


Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

Hi Ayla! ou just need to train your humans up a bit more so that your sleeping spot doesn't change again.

We just joined the world of catblogging as well. I wasn't too angry that Mom brought Lizzie home; I like her. But I don't like Firenze. Please don't give my Mom any ideas about bringing more brats home - she has come close several times. Come visit us when you get a chance.


craziequeen said...

Hi Ayla,

Or do what I do, and just keep going back - if I'm persistent enough, Mama cq and Daddy soon decide to move themselves which leaves all the more room for my cute ginger furry bum :-)


I'm still lodging on Mama cq's blog, but she is debating letting us have our own.....