Monday, October 24, 2005

New Sleepy Spot

The Mom got a new big sleepy spot for us. It's nice and comfy and all, but it's not as big as the old sleepy spot. This means that the Brats will be closer to me than I want.

I made sure to get my spot as soon as the sleepy spot was brought in. The Mom's pillow is the spot for the top cat and I made it mine the minute she put hers down on the sleepy spot. There is no way I'm letting any of the Brats have it.

I was a bit worried at first that we were moving again. The Mom and Dad got up really early and took everything out of the bedroom and took the old sleepy spot apart. Then they locked up all the Brats in the other bedroom. That was a sure sign that something big was up. I've been through seven moves in my life so I was kind of pissed off that we would be forced to go through another one. Thankfully, I wasn't put through that again.

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