Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Laundry Basket is MINE

I am really mad at the Brats again (what else is new?). It is bad enough that one of the kitten Brats, Loki, has taken MY spot at the top of the cat tree. Now, they are trying to take MY spot on the Mom's pillow. I fight over it when I get there first, but it's hard trying to move the big, fat 15 pound Maine Coon off of it.

At least I have the laundry basket, though the other kitten Brat, Monkee, keeps trying to take it from me. I am sorry but NO ONE will take the laundry basket away from me. That is definitely MY spot. It's nice and stinky and smells like the Mom and the Dad. Good smells. I'm not going to have it contaminated by any of the Brats. If they try, I'll give them each a good smack upside the head.


craziequeen said...

I *so* sympathise with you, Ayla.

Mama cq brought home this snotrag called Charlie, who thinks he lives here! He sleeps in my sleeping spots, wakes me up constantly and jumps all over me...and we even have to *eat* together!

On the plus side, I get to beat him up regularly.

I think he's staying..... :-(


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