Thursday, February 09, 2006

Name Game

I was bored while the Mom was at school today and I came across the Cowboy's blog and his post about "what's in a name." Of course this got me thinking 'cause the Mom always comes up with these weird names for us.

Her first cat was Boo Boo. What the heck kind of name is that? Supposedly Uncle Martin gave her the original name of "Skates" but the Mom decided that wasn't "fitting." The name was from some silly human TV show about these really ugly chicks with dogs on their clothing. Humans are weird.

The second kitty was my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Xanadu. No, the Mom didn't name him after that really stupid movie. It's after a song by some band she still forces me to listen too constantly. Fast? Speedy? No....ah yes...Rush.

I was named after a fictional heroine the Mom was reading about when she finally settled on a name for me. However, the Mom in all her brillance took two weeks to give me an official name. It almost ended up as Fuzzy, which to me is just degrading. That's like naming me Brat or something. Bah. The heroine name is much more fitting.

After me was Moose. He wasn't too bad 'cause he left me alone and really liked Xanadu too. His real name was Thibault (pronounced T-bo), after a hockey player. Moose was more fitting 'cause he was really big.

Then there are the Brats:
  • Kukai - The Mom found his name in a Japanese history book and liked it 'cause it sounded Japanese. She should've just named him The Annoying One. To me, that's his real name.
  • Bomber - Supposedly this is short for Bombadir, a hockey player the Mom was a fan of. Ya, a big dumb human. Then again, this is one big dumb Brat.
  • Bailey - She originally had the name Barlett, which to me sounds like a human barfing up a hairball. Luckily the Mom realized how awful it was and renamed her Bailey. Once again, she got the name from another stupid TV show.
  • Phoebe - No creativity here. This was her name in the Bad Place (aka the Shelter) and the Mom kept it.
  • Fizzy - Short for Fizzgig. I've seen the movie. Just imagine that little spaz monster as a cat. You have Fizzy.
  • Loki - The Norse god of mischief. Hmmm. I think the Norse god of "this creature has not a single functioning brain cell in his head" would've been more fitting.
  • Monkee - The Dad has this thing with monkeys. I don't know why as they are annoying creatures (though I like the whole flinging poop thing....ah I wish we had thumbs). Supposedly this Brat has a face that look like a monkey. As I said, humans are weird.


Max said...

The Cat Who Came Before the Cat Who Came Before Me was named Ataturk. Now THAT'S a bad cat name...

PJ said...

My name is Rapheal, Rafe for short but the Meowmie always calls me KissyFace and that is not very dignified, is it?

Beau said...

When mom got me I was so small she thought I was a girl at first, so she called me Belle from Beauty and the Beast. When she found out I was a boy she changed it to the masculine version which is Beau. I like Beau much better! And I like the name Ayla!

Patches & Mittens said... why cant they stick with our given names, and not this nickname stuff? Mom is just way over the top on this!!!

Anonymous said...

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