Saturday, July 15, 2006

Helping Brandi's Mom

I know how hard it can be to be in a house when the human isn't working. Luckily, the Dad and the Mom are only going to have to suffer a month without the Dad working.

Brandi's mom isn't so lucky. Her mom has been out of work for a while so Oreo and his mom are working out a way to help her out. Please visit his site and do what you can for them. Thanks!


Oreo said...

Fank you Ayla for helping me out! I hopes we can do somefinn to cheer her Momma up. I hope finkgs get better at yore house too.

M said...


Thank you for leaving comments on my blog (-:

I hope the Dad likes his new job. I know that when I am home with the cats, they expect extra treats as compensation for putting up with me! I sit on their chair and I interuppt their mid-day naps.

So, maybe this month when the Dad is home, you can demand a few perks from him!