Monday, June 12, 2006

One down...

Well, Frankie's gone. The one Brat that I actually like has left. Bah.

Oh wait...what? He's coming back? Damn. I was hoping that the Mom was slowly going to start getting rid of the Brats with the newest one going first. Oh well. Supposedly Frankie has some health problems, including bad teeth, so the Mom brought him back to his old family so he can see his old V-E-T. She said that he'll be back tomorrow night. And here I thought I would start getting the place to myself. Double bah.

The Mom has been spending the afternoon procrastinating. She doesn't want to do her homework so she spent her time reworking the "Flock O' Fuzzies" blog. She says it's still a "work in progress" but you can visit it at:

Why she doesn't spend time spiffing up my blog is beyond me. Heck, more of you humans read my blog. Bah. Well, at least she got rid of that stupid pink color.


Patches & Mittens said...

You can always pick on the reason to keep them around!!

Momma likes the color on your blog, she calls it "a pleasing blue."

Patches Lady

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