Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Numnums

Yesterday the Mom and the Dad went out for a good part of the day, which isn't anything unusual, but when they came home they brought with them bags of goodies. I don't know where they went but it must be heaven 'cause they had tons of turkey (the REAL stuff too, not the canned) and ham! Oh! I could smell all that stinky goodness from a mile away. The biggest problem? It wasn't all for me. The Mom actually gave some of that magnificent turkey to the Brats. Why oh why would she waste it on those twits who don't know how to enjoy the fine aromas and taste? All they do is scarf the food down in one swallow. I don't even think they chew it at all. What a waste of good food!

I, on the other hand, am a connoisseur. I sniff the turkey goodness and enjoy it's thick aroma. Then I take small little nibbles to savor its wonderful taste. I know that we only get these treats a couple of times a year so I'm going to enjoy ever single savory bite. Now if I can just convince the Mom to just give them to me...


pandora said...

I don't get turkey until Christmas, 'cos we don't have Thanksgiving here...perhaps I could have a word with the Prime Minister's cat?

But Daddy is a soft touch and always shares his chicken with me - I've even got him trained to cut it into bite sized pieces for me (no teeth, see [opens mouth]).


Anonymous said...

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