Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Enough already!


The two youngest Brats have been driving me nuts lately. All they do is run around chasing after each other with no concept of what or who they are running over. All I wanted to do was go get my numnums when the two of them come zooming out of nowhere and crash right into me! Then, they keep on running like I wasn't even there! The nerve. If I hadn't been so shocked, I would've given them both a good smack upside the head.

Then, when the Mom was feeding me the stinky numnums, the sneaky one, Monkee, jumps up on the counter to try to eat my numnums! This time I did give him a good smack. They get their own stinky numnums in the bathroom. The ones on the counter are MINE. Luckily the Mom saw what was going on and squirted him with the Dreaded Spray Bottle. That will teach him to mess with my food.


pandora said...

oh dear - we are so in the same cat basket here.

Only I just have the one brat, little snotrag. But he's a handful enough.

He steals my food, he fights with me, he tries to push me off my rightful spot on the bed - and he's even been trying to do the - you know - *thing* with me.

Mama has his measure - she had his bits cut off! :-)

I think that is only fair..


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