Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cameras and Crazies

The Mom was running around yesterday with her camera trying to get pictures of all of us. Why she feels the need to do this is beyond me. The flash is bad enough as it is, but then she woke me up so she could get a better picture. Better picture? Is that really worth waking me up for? Bah. Well, here's the stupid picture...

The Mom was also complaining that the two youngest Brats, Loki and Monkee, were driving her nuts. Well duh! Where has she been? Those two run around destroying everything in their path. They've been doing it since they got here. And she wonders why I hide in the laundry basket all day long.


pandora said...

Ayla - I *so* sympathise.

Mama wakes me up with the *flash* - usually I manage to look well evil :-)

Us old girls have to stick together.

Our mamas can photograph the snotrags all they want, and we can be left to sleep in peace :-)


Anonymous said...

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