Friday, November 25, 2005

Animal Meme

My good friend Pandora Meme'd me (whatever the hell that means). Since she's a good friend and brillant minds do think alike, I'll humor her and answer her questions:

Favorite Place to Sleep - Hmph. Well, I have three: The Big Sleepy Spot, the Mom's pillow, and the laundry basket. Then again, those are really the only places I sleep.

Favorite Music - Music? The sound of all the Brats getting locked up in kitty carriers to be taken away would be the sweetest music I ever heard. Other than that, I'd have to go with my own singing in the morning for stinky numnums.

Favorite Toy - Who needs toys when I have Brats to thwap upside the head constantly?

Favorite Flavor of Stinky Goodness - Ooh. This is a tough one. Any of the fishie types and I'm happy.

Favorite Human - The Mom, of course, but the Dad is growing on me.

Favorite Game - Whap all the Brats.

Favorite Window - Hmmm...Don't have one really. Too cold to sit by the windows for me. I do like looking out the bedroom window from The Big Sleepy Spot though.

Favorite Naughty Thing To Do - Chewing on plastic bags. Yummy. Don't know why the Mom and the Dad think it's "naughty" 'cause they taste so yummy.

1 comment:

pandora said...

Whapping all the Brats - good game, Ayla!

Nice meme - I was a bit hacked off that snotrag had the nerve to tag me, but it was fun filling it out.