Saturday, April 01, 2006

An enjoyable day

Guess what? The Mom took the Annoying One to the vet yesterday. Oh it was so nice not having him in the house for the afternoon. Of course, the Mom got all mad at me for gloating. She said the pest had an eye infection and needed his shots. HA! Nasty injections and stuff put in his eye. Can this day get any better?

OK, it may sound like I'm being a bit vindictive but a girl has to enjoy the small pleasures when they come. I mean, this Brat has been a pain in my tushie for almost ten years. A girl needs some sort of revenge.

[The Mom: Ayla's going to the vet herself in a couple of weeks so she'll get her just due.]


Puss said...

Look out Ayla!!! The vet list has your name on it...

Anonymous said...

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