Monday, January 16, 2006

The Torture Palace

There I was, nice and comfy on the Big Sleepy Spot, when the Mom grabs me and puts me in The Box. When she does that, it means one of two things: either we're moving or I'm going to visit the V-E-T. Well, there weren't any boxes being packed so it meant the latter. Grrr. Wasn't I just there not too long ago?

The Mom said she's worried that I'm losing too much weight. Well maybe if she fed me more stinky numnums I wouldn't be losing weight. Did she ever think of that? Noooo. So I get dragged to the mean nasty V-E-T. I got poked at and stabbed and they took more blood out of me. How am I going to live if they keep on taking my blood? Damn vampires.

The V-E-T thinks I may have irritable kitty bowel syndrome. Well I've been called irritable, but what does that have to do with my bowel? What's a bowel anyways? I was told I may have to eat pills each day to help with that. Yuck! I'm beginning to think that this V-E-T person dresses in leather and has a whole collection of whips at home. Why does she have to torture me like this?