Friday, January 06, 2006

Stop your whining!

The Mom is mad at me because I haven't posted in a while. It seems that you people have nothing better to do with your lives than read about me. Bah. What do you expect? It's been cold in this apartment and since the stupid humans won't turn up the heat, I've been hibernating in the laundry basket. I'm not giving up my warm spot to humor you people.

But since I'm here now...

Have I mentioned how much I hate laundry day? Yes, I know I've mentioned that the Mom likes to take away the nice pile of clothes from me. So today I said "the hell with it" and took over the bed. Well that didn't last long because the Mom kept on moving me around. She said she had to "change the sheets." Well hell. She takes my laundry and now she's taking the darn bed from me? Bah.

And then the Annoying One thinks I'm being "social" because I'm not in one of my spots. This cat needs a good swift thwap on the head. He doesn't seem to understand that I DON'T LIKE HIM. How hard is that to get? You'd think after the number of times I've beaten the living tar out of him that he would eventually get a clue.

I'm going back to sleep now.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You mom sure sounds like she needs a class in kitty pleasing. Doesn't she know she is here to serve you. Hey, take it easy on your little one....Scooby growled & hissed at Scout for 6 months every time he saw him. But now they seem to have a truce and will tolerate being somewhat close to each other. -Shaggy

Timmy said...

Oh I'd totally put the bite on your Momma for taking away not one, but TWO sleeping spots! I would! Well, shmaybe not but still...something should be done for what she did. For real yo.

Come by my blog and put a pin on my globe! You're gonna be really really close to mine!! You'll have to zoom in a lot so that you can put it on the right spot ;)

Anonymous said...

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