Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I swear the new computers are sucking the brains out of my humans. Last night, when I jumped up on the bed behind the Mom, she reached out to pet me and said "hi Monkee." Um. Hello? Do I look like that doofus? To say the least I was insulted. She apologized to me by saying my "fur felt like Monkee's." Don't even associate my beautifulness with that dope. "Felt like Monkee" my ass. She's been petting me for sixteen freakin' years so you'd think she knew what I felt like. Bah.


Wm. said...

You think that's bad? Now that there's four of us, half the time my mom can't get our names straight! Sometimes she actually says "Blah blah blah, EdWilCarO...whatever your name is."

Petey said...

Oh tell me about it, there are so many of us that the mom can't even keep us straight. The dad doesn't even try, he just says, "Hey you come here".

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

My Mom called me Gracie (the cat who went to the Bridge) for at least 3 months after I was adopted! Humans are so hard to train.