Monday, December 12, 2005

Depression sucks...

...according to the Mom.

She's been really sick with this depression stuff a lot lately. It's got me rather worried. I mean, I don't mind sharing the Big Sleepy Spot with her 'cause she lets me have her pillow, but if she's really sick then all the Brats come in too. One or two of them are bad enough but for pete's sake. There were all seven of them in bed with her. Come on. Give a girl some space. Of course the Annoying One tried to share the pillow AGAIN. Can't that idiot take a hint? And then the two kittens are constantly playing and disrupting my sleep.

Damn. I wish the Mom would get better soon so I can get some rest.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Our mom thinks 7 kitties on the bed would be just the thing for her depression! She just takes her pills and gets through ok. But somedays she can barely get up or do anything around the house. Tell your mom to hang in there.

pandora said...

Mama says depression is the pits. She's had it since her human VET told her she can't have human babies, and my old friend Ambrose went to Rainbow Bridge.
Mama would love a bed of kitties, but like SSS's mom, she takes her pills and does one day at a time and pets me and snotrag a lot.

I know she likes Sitties (me sitting on her lap looking beautiful) so I do it a lot.


craziequeen said...

Hi Ayla, Pandora's Mama here. It's 3.30am and I'm wide awake! Goddamn this depression!

Say hello to your mom from me :-)



Anonymous said...

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