Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to everybody for their kind words, hugs, and prayers. Things have been hard the past couple of weeks but this great cat blogosphere community has really helped get us through it.

At the very least, I know Ayla would've been impressed at all the attention. For a cat who wanted to be left alone, it's amazing to see how many friends she made.

I've been encouraged by friends and family to keep on blogging. I've especially been encouraged by my other kitties, each of whom now wants their own webpages. Since time is limited due to my jobs, I'm only going to do one kitty blog for now: the Flock O' Fuzzies one. I know I've been neglecting it for quite some time but I think it will be a good jump off point for now. While I can't guarantee daily updates, I promise to add the humorous stories as they come it. You can't have a bunch of kitties and not have a few interesting days.

So please check out Flock O' Fuzzies. The most recent post is a bit sad but hopefully I have a lot of happy things to share with all of you.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ayla (1990-2007)

My beautiful baby girl has crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.

I'm sorry. I just can't write anything right now. It just hurts so much.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When is it Time?

From The Mom -

When do you say it's time to help your best friend of 17 years cross over the Rainbow Bridge? I thought Ayla would be clear in telling me when she would be ready to go, but she's being her stubborn self.

The cancer she has will never go away. It just gets worse and worse. Her weight is down even more so she is literally skin and bones. She can barely open her mouth to eat. Her left eye is swollen closed from the tumor. Her left cheek is full of lesions including a small area of skin that just disappeared, like part of her cheek was gouged out. When I noticed it last night, I was crying so hard.

I figured it was Time and we would call the vet.

However, the old girl has been more spry these past couple of weeks than she has been in months. She's trotting up and down the stairs, demanding Stinky Goodness, and is being her old snarky self. Every time I think it's Time, she does something to remind me that she is still there, being strong, tough, and independent like she always has been.

Part of me wants to help her fight. Give her as many good days as she wants. But I don't know if I can take it any more. Every time I see her, I cry. She was such a beautiful girl and now she is so tiny and fragile and mutilated by this evil disease. Is this more of a decision for me or for her at this point? If I know her, she'll keep going strong mentally until her body gives out. I just don't think I can be that strong. I love her so much and to see her body being eaten away is wrenching my heart.

How do you know when it's Time for both you and her?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hugs for the Mom

The Mom has had a couple of really bad days back to back.

On Thursday, she talked to her library job. Because she gots the full-time job at the college, her boss at the library wanted her to quit the library job. The thing is, the Mom really, really loves that job and to her it's more of a fun outing around books than a jobbie. So she managed to pursue her boss there to let her work two Saturdays a month with a demotion. The Mom is kind of upset about it. She understand that she couldn't devote the hours she used to 'cause of the full-time job but she didn't think they would try to get her to leave.

Then yesterday, she got a call from the other college she teaches at. The one class she has there was canceled due to low enrollment. Well duh. It was a SUNDAY class. Who the heck is going to take a history class on a Sunday morning? Well, she's upset about it 'cause she likes teaching at that college.

The worst, though, happened yesterday morning. The Mom and the Dad were bringing the Dad's car to the mechanic. The Mom was driving her car, the Dad his. Well, it was a new mechanic so the Mom was unsure of where to go. When she saw the turnoff at the last minute, she stopped short. Unfortunately, the Dad's car's brakes failed and he went ramming into the Mom's car. They are both OK but their cars aren't. The Dad's car is at a body shop with the left front of the car smashed in. The Mom's is in the driveway but she can't really drive it 'cause the trunk keeps popping open. At least they were able to get the insurance people to get them a rental.

The humans say bad things come in threes. I guess they are right.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vicious Deer Siting!

I was sleeping on the dirty clothes pile all nice and comfy when I hear the Mom yell "Honey! Come up here and see this!" They were pointing out the window and so I had to see what the big deal was. I mean they woke me up and all so it better be worth it, right?

So what do I see? Two big vicious deer (one had horns!) and two mini vicious deer.

They were across the street just walking around. Those things are evil! And they were so close to me. Bah. If they tried to come up to me I'd just whap them upside the head. Nobody messes with me.

OK, well maybe the cancer is. The Mom is getting really worried 'cause the lesion on the side of my face is getting bigger. At first she thought it was a sore from the food that was constantly on my face (this stupid cancer makes it hard to eat) but for the past couple of weeks she has been keeping my face clean. Dr. Country Bob said it was the cancer poking through. You can see the lesion a bit on my face in this photo.

Excuse the dirty face and paws. The Mom tried the wet-wipes but they didn't do such a good job cleaning me up and she doesn't want to put me through the stress of a bath (thank goodness for something!).

Have I mentioned that cancer sucks?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shot = Good Thing

The Mom brought me to see Dr. Country Bob on Friday evening to get another shot. Unfortunately, while we were there, the V-E-T weighed me. I've lost almost a pound since I was at the V-E-T's a few weeks ago so now I'm a little over 5 pounds. This has the Mom really worried 'cause I'm now lighter that TAO. She asked the V-E-T what to do and he prescribed some canned food (it's called "Recovery") that's really yummy. He also gave the Mom some of these meat-liquid stuff but that is nasty. Yuck!

This shot seems to be working well 'cause I"m feeling much better again. I don't have much energy to thwap TAO but I was able to mooch serious amounts of cheese and ham today from the Mom when she was eating lunch. She said that's a really good sign. OK I guess. All I know is that it was yummy.

Eating has become a bit more difficult. The left side of my face isn't cooperating with me. It's that evil cancer crap. First it was causing me to drool and now I really don't have control over anything on that side any more. As long as the food is soft, I can kind of slurp it and lick it up. The ham and cheese was a bit hard but the Mom helped me eat it. It gets really frustrating. The Mom says that as long as I'm eating, that's a Good Thing. I just tell her to keep bringing the ham and cheese and I'll keep on eating as long as I'm able to.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Chillin'

Here I am, enjoying the entire bed to myself just chillin' and relaxing.

The Mom says I'll be going for another shot later this week as the effects of the last one are wearing off. She also says I need a bath 'cause I've been drooling all over myself. Bah.